PALEO DIET – Ideal guide to getting started

PALEO DIET – Get Started, Get Motivated, Feel Great


Make a change today and increase your odds of a long and healthy life.

Discover the PALEO diet and the penny drops: GOOD HEALTH IS NO LOTTERY!

YES, Paleo can help you lose weight, but there is far more to it than that. I will quote studies and research to show how a Paleo lifestyle can help you avoid cancer, diabetes, heart disease and many more of today’s health bogeymen.

Paleo Diet: Get Started, Get Motivated, Feel Great aims to introduce and explain the benefits and rules of Paleo.

* I help you get started with a 7 day meal plan packed with delicious recipes for every meal including snacks.
* Chapter two gives you all the reasons, research and facts you will need to convince you that the only way is PALEO.
* There are recipes for Paleo puddings and snacks, so you will never feel hungry.
* You will be eating all your favourite meat, fish and seafood dishes with tasty vegetables.
* Advise on Paleo exercise.
* Ten sporting and screen star celebs who endorse Paleo

I explain why PALEO helps you address issues such as:
* Eczema and allergies
* Bloating and IBS
* Lack of energy
* Poor digestion

So come on! Be fitter, thinner, healthier and filled with energy on PALEO.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Honest, Accessible & Genuinely Looks Delicious! July 12, 2014
I must confess, as someone who counts nurses and dieticians as part of her immediate family, I am weary of diet books and the eating/exercise industry in general. As a result, I approached Elizabeth Gordon’s PALEO DIET with some trepidation: this couldn’t actually tell me anything I didn’t already know, packaged up as a supposed amazing new discovery, could it?? Yet this accessible, interesting book really changed my mind!

The Paleo Diet book sets itself up as a guideline, not a bible which I really appreciate – I hate the standard, mocking “do this or you’re an idiot” of so many similar books. Gordon’s conversational tone is like a trusted friend, taking you through every element of the so-called “Caveman diet”. She talks about the history of food and what changing your mindset and lifestyle can do for you in terms of health benefits. As a cancer survivor myself, this is obviously on my mind a lot both for me and my family, so this was especially welcome. Gordon is also honest, saying that in the short term The Paleo Diet will NOT make your life easier, but then I think things worth doing never are. The costs of following a Paleo Diet do concern me, but the recommendation of another book at the end of this one for those who are “cash strapped” (as we are) gives me hope that we can find a good compromise on this.

There are celebrity endorsements of the Paleo Diet and whilst not a pull for me, I can appreciate why some people would be interested in these. I personally enjoyed Gordon’s references to the “dupermarket” – I believe supermarkets and big businesses are in the habit of manipulation re: commerce and particular products being good for us (when they’re not) too. I agree with Gordon that consumerism and a reliance on sugars, processed foods and wheat is not good for us, yet I’ve felt powerless to do anything but merely limit my family’s intake and make basic switches, like olive oil instead of vegetable oil.

This book is packed with tasty looking recipes that genuinely look delicious and are not just the same-old, same-old I’ve seen before – I was particularly intrigued by the Zucchini (courgette) fries. I feel like my eyes have been opened to the possibilities of a radically different diet, which does not include “rabbit food”, but a real enjoyment of tasty foods, even including desserts (and given as a family we ALL have a sweet tooth, this is VERY important!). Thanks, Elizabeth Gordon!

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent book, October 18, 2014
This review is from: PALEO DIET – Get Started, Get Motivated, Feel Great (Kindle Edition)
I am an Aries and before I do anything I want to know WHY? That is probably why I enjoyed this book; the author gave me more than enough good reasons to take a long hard look at what I am eating and to make changes. I mean we all know sugar is bad for us, but why, is it just because it makes us fat? NO, I found out. Gordon explains why milk, sugar and certain fats are doing our long and also short term health no good. OK, I admit, I have not gone cold turkey on all dairy and wheat, but I see now that my diet revolved around those foods, at the expense of far more nutritious foods.
I am incorporating the recipes into my weekly routine and weeding out some of the nasty health damaging foods listed. This book was really educational
5.0 out of 5 stars Complete guide to paleo, October 15, 2014
This review is from: PALEO DIET – Get Started, Get Motivated, Feel Great (Kindle Edition)
Wow, just wow! This complete is the ONLY complete guide to Paleo anyone needs!! The author really covers every aspect! The introduction is great as the author gives a brief outline of herself and why she east paleo. I really like her style of writing and I was interested straight away!

Excellent information from the get go…facts and studies are included and I have to say the section on milk was an eye opener for me. I had a ‘ah ha’ moment and it confused me as to why I had never thought this way before!

Great section on the history of paleo as well as an section including the 10 most famous paleo celebrities, this includes a piece about each star too.

There are 7 days of recipes which includes Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snack and Desserts for EVERY day. I made the hamburgers over the weekend and they were delicious. We have decided we are going to follow the full weeks meals next week to see how we feel.

An excellent book on paleo and I cannot recommend it highly enough…one of the best out there in my honest opinion (I have a few paleo cookbooks!)


Next of Sin: A psychological thriller – GREAT REVIEWS

Reviews for NEXT of SIN

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5.0 out of 5 stars Thrilling Read!, October 21, 2014
This review is from: Next of Sin: A psychological thriller (Kindle Edition)
As her buried memories come to the surface, Gabrielle realizes she’s the sole witness to a murder and she alone is the only person with the information to take down a serial killer. As she struggles to put the pieces together, the person responsible is someone she knows well. What happens next puts Gaby and everyone close to her in grave danger.

Lisa Gordon’s Next of Sin delivers big time. This psychological thriller is fast paced with twists and turns right until the very end. It’s a thrilling read. Rather long, at 600+ pages, but well work it. Highly recommend!

5.0 out of 5 stars Next of SIn, October 21, 2014
This review is from: Next of Sin: A psychological thriller (Kindle Edition)
The story begins with the unfortunate murder by drowning of a 12 year old girl in 1987. The drowning, unintended, starts a 14 year old on a path as a serial murderer. Only one witness, Gaby, exists in the 20 years that had passed, and she could only recall the memories she’s repressed as a result of bad dreams and therapy. The killer, who’s well connected with resources at his disposal, is motivated to snuff Gaby out.

Next of Sin is an exciting thriller sure to keep you at the edge of your seat. From the opening moments, it will draw you in and make your hair stand straight up. 5 stars!

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent murder mystery., October 20, 2014
This review is from: Next of Sin: A psychological thriller (Kindle Edition)
Lisa Gordon is fast becoming a favorite author of mine after reading this (and another of her books) and I would recommend it to anyone who likes a good mystery well written.

The book opens with two teenagers in holiday mood swimming in the canal on the Norfolk Broads, but the atmosphere quickly becomes sinister as ‘the boy’ , not getting his own way ends up drowning the girl he’s with to keep her quiet – the scary thing is, he’s terrified by what he’s done, but also exhilarated and enjoys the feeling of sexual arousal and power it gives him. He plans carefully how he can dispose of her body in a cold and systematic way and then carries on with his life, lying to cover up what happened. We know this will not end here. She is only the first.
The story switches to Gaby on her wedding day – it’s amazing and a happy moment with her sister and brother and her father, though tinged with memories of a family tragedy decades earlier. If you want to know more, please just read it, it’s great and what I really liked about this book is the intricacy of the plot and the level of detail and the fact that it unfolds slowly but surely – sometimes this makes it agonizing but it sure keeps you turning those pages. The story becomes Gaby’s and we see her develop through her determination to find out what happened in her life and she becomes a stronger and more self-aware individual because of it – this transformation is extremely well managed and gives a strong core to the novel. There are also some secondary characters to enjoy – Gaby’s sister Meghan, Robbie the PI, the streetwise Chantelle are my favourites. I don’t know if Lisa Gordon has any plans to develop these characters further, but I hope she does as I’d love to read more about them!

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Virgo Horoscope 2014 – November

A change for the better in the finance department will take the pressure off you and allow you some breathing room.   This is a very fortunate time for buying and selling (chattels rather than property) in both a business and personal sense.

Friends can be most insightful and may offer you valuable advice; in fact this period is all about good friends and the way they can help you get a better perspective on life.  There is a spirit of cooperation and shared objectives with your friends and so if you all stick together and work at something you can achieve something to be proud of – it may be something to do with improving your community or saving something like a group, help centre facility or park near where you live. You are in an optimistic and outward looking mode – suddenly the things you take as read ie local community, neighbours etc seem more important and you want to put something back.

The lunar eclipse in October could coincide with a goodbye or a parting of ways.



You have an increased need for beauty, harmony and peace within your home.  Your home is your sanctuary and you want to protect that from all the stresses and strains outside.  You are making a concerted effort not to bring work, or at least the worries from work home.  You can make this more successful by turning off the phone, the pad and all the other devices and really connecting with your loved one without the distractions that are harming the conversation that Virgos love so much and value so much in love.

Sex can be significant this period – by that I mean closer, more connected or more revealing and intimate.

Single Virgo are more open romantically this period and will be surprised at how quickly they feel at home with and open up to a new lover – this can really help love develop.

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Leo Horoscope November 2014

Picking up where they left off last period this is a pro-active quarter where Leo are determined to make things happen and keep the ball rolling on the initiative they have created.  This can be a time where you create something from nothing or where something you tried years ago and forgot about suddenly pops back into your life and due to the knowledge, confidence or technology you now have, you can now take advantage of it where before you could not.  Involvement with anything new, cutting edge or alternative can prove very successful and also liberating for Leo.  There will be chances to act with more freedom within your personal life and increased income will also give you a new kind leeway in how you chose to live your life.

The opportunity to learn or even learn a new language may open doors and new possibilities.


A new office or a new location for your work should mean a big change in your daily routine in terms of the way you travel and things will take a while to get back to normal.  For those Leo who run their own business: looking for clients in new geographical areas or expanding your sales to new areas could be very lucrative.  Internal communications within your work environment need to be strengthened and updated.  Leos who are employees need to pay more attention to how they communicate with clients and colleagues as some of them may be totally in the dark as to what you are doing and why and they need to be brought on board: if so they will give you full support.

New initiatives at work involving cultural diversity, ethnic inclusivity are likely.  You may have to learn about a new culture in order to do business with or market to a new geographical area.

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123        LEO_HOROSCOPE_2015



CANCER HOROSCOPE 2014 – November

This autumn may be a mad rush: things to do at work and something big to get ready for on the home front.  Life is hectic and the pace of life is fast and furious and while work and your future are absorbing much of your mental energy there are important things to attend to within the home and your family life ie. are you getting ready for a family event, are you moving home or having a new kitchen.  You may have to delegate more of the family and home related work to a partner or willing family member.  Do not think you can cope with everything, don’t try to be Superman/woman: if someone offers help grab it with both hands.  Headaches may be an issue, so keep painkillers handy and don’t overindulge.



Sex life can be quite a release in April, as long as you can relax.  Your partner is up for action in the bedroom, but to make the most of this you need to relax and that is the problem.  Sex may take the form of a spontaneous embrace turned sexual encounter that is fast, furious and reviving.  Sex may come after a sudden heated argument or maybe in a stolen passionate moment.  In fact if you are arguing the best thing maybe to ‘get down make love,.  Sex is the way to relax this quarter and while it may not be romantic and special, it will be exciting.

Single Cancer may be so keen to take a new relationship to the next level that it may be all about the sex and nothing else – that is fine as long as you know that it’s just sex.

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123         cancer_HOROSCOPE


GEMINI HOROSCOPE 2014 – November

Hard work and sacrifices are needed for career advancement this autumn and some of the time you will wonder if it is all worth it.  Much of the energy you put in will not yield immediate results and you may feel despondent as if you are achieving nothing.  This feeling is not to be dwelt on – you are actually doing better than you think.  You may feel the now to impress someone: a boss or maybe a parent and when they fail to react in the way you anticipated it could be quite a blow – the lesson is that whatever you do, do it for yourself primarily, don’t do it out of guilt or misguided loyalty.

The lunar eclipse in October may inspire you to join a new organisation or community driven project – perhaps this can fulfil a need for recognition and leadership you are not experiencing at work.


Concentrating on routine detailed work will be a challenge this quarter and if you are in that position, take frequent breaks for fresh air and liquids.  Do not drink too much coffee as it is dehydrating and you need to keep hydrated.  As I mentioned before a lack of recognition or perhaps being looked over for a promotion, not getting the job or not getting a contract which you were very optimistic about can be very deflating, but do not despair as something better may arise in the next months or perhaps something will still come of the promotion/job you were so hopeful about but in the longer term.

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TAURUS HOROSCOPE October and November 2014

Taurus Horoscope Oct and Nov 2014


Work, routine and the chores that simply will not wait are interfering with a wanderlust.  Taureans really need to plan a trip away and find their freedom again.  You may have allowed yourself to become a slave to routine and the work thing.  A weekend away to a family event may help you to get a better perspective. Family love and support at this time is vital in helping you to get a perspective on where your life is right now.  While work is fulfilling on one level, this period you are yearning to spend more time at home, gardening, cooking, taking walks and letting up on the relentless pressure you put yourself under.  A whole new environment is what you need to clear your head.  Listen to what your body wants in a physical and emotional sense.

The lunar eclipse in October will incline you to become more introverted – you may withdraw for a time to get a chance to listen to the voice within.  You may well attract people who want to confide to you their problems; your empathy to another’s problems is apparent.  You should try not to become immersed in the problems of others, so much so that you begin to shoulder the problem.



In marriages and other significant relationships Taureans may find the negativity from the other person rather pervasive.  Perhaps you partner is having a glass half empty, Debbie Downer period, but whatever the case you need to insulate yourself from that negative or pessimistic vibe as their problems are not yours.

Single Taureans may be attracting types that are serious minded and there may be some fun and spontaneity lacking in your romances.  On the plus side the predictability of the love interests you are meeting will give you a warm sense of reliability.

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Aries are experiencing a renewed sense of who they are this quarter: they are once again in touch with the fire-cracker, go-getting, vibrant side of themselves.  You are not waiting for doors to open, you are kicking them down.  Your energy and ability to make things happen for yourself is high and you will not succumb to the opposition from family members or from societal constraints.  We all act in accordance with how we think society in general expects us to behave and often that can be oppressive and restrictive: now Aries are saying, “To hell with society, to hell with what ‘they’ think, I am doing this my way for me!”   Accusations of selfishness will be just a way of guilting you out of doing what is good for you – ignore it.

You are wearing your heart on your sleeve and it will be hard for you to hold your emotions in.  You may have a public meltdown or exhibition of anger – whichever way others will be left in no doubt of where you stand and this can be rather liberating.  On the negative side an inability to hold emotions in this October during the lunar eclipse can result in you playing your hand when you were trying to be coy.

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VIRGO HOROSCOPE 2015 – now available.




“A potentially empowering time in your life when you can use your mental ability to focus energy and ideas to create vibrant and constructive change in your life. You are magnetic and influential and must use the personal power you have this year to turn the corner and bring creative change to your relationships, health and business relationships.”

Following the success of bestseller HOROSCOPE 2014: Astrology and Numerology Horoscopes, Lazuli will be releasing 12 books: one for each star sign’s horoscope for 2015.
Are you looking in the mirror wondering what 2015 will hold? Do you feel at an important crossroads? Do you need direction or a kick start? Are you wondering ‘what now’ in terms of love and relationships? How are the Stars lining up for you in 2015? What opportunities can they supply the energy for?
Popular resident astrologer of BBC WM Lisa Lazuli takes her straightening, down to earth approach to astrology from the air waves to the bookshelf with this insightful and motivational book.
Includes a detailed yearly overview for Cancer, followed by monthly forecasts broken into love, life and career.

A chatty, sincere read to help inspire, guide and alert you to the unique possibilities of your life on a practical, emotional and spiritual level.

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The creator of television series Downton Abbey, Julian Fellowes has said that his stories were inspired by the books of Frank Howell Evans. Down To The Abbey relates the stories of several characters in aristocratic London just after World War 1. It was a time of change which saw the aristocracy trying to keep their privileges and the lower classes trying to claw themselves into the higher classes. It is about greed, murder, blackmail, but above all it’s about love, forbidden love.

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